Monday, 25 June 2012

Victoria Gothic

I have been inspired lately by many different areas and ideas in my life and my surroundings . As I am still working on my pieced for the craft market I am also trying some other ideas some butterfly art and quotes which I will post once I have completed fully. This piece I finished was an idea that started as I was looking through pictures of Victorian era gowns. I wanted her to be romantic and mystical, while I was painting I decided to add in the black raven making the piece have a feeling of darkness and mystery ,I really love this picture 

Monday, 11 June 2012

Check It Out !!!!!

I am very excited to be taking part in a new market that is started in Abbotsford The market will be running every second Sunday starting on July 1 st.
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 My Calendar for 2013
 Believe, Love, Laugh, Dream
Define Yourself 

Lil Fairy 

Dance As If There Is No One Watching

Framed print of an original acrylic and prisma color drawing

Hello Sunshine

Well it has been a busy month . What have I been doing ??? I cant even remember most of it but I know it has been busy . As moms we are always busy getting the kids ready off to school, and now it is almost the end of the year yippee!!! My oldest is graduating and hopefully getting a job, the middle child is hopefully passing all subjects and my youngest is sad the year is over. I am wondering what we are going to do all summer so we don't drive each other CRAZY....
I have  had a few opportunities arise with my art that are very exciting ,I have a space at Pheonix Spa And Artisan Gallery in Hope B.C to sell some art. I also have connected with The Clayburn Gourmet Gallery   Coffee House in Abbotsford B.C and have some pictures, calendars and art cards for sale there. 
For the luv of it !!!