Saturday, 19 November 2011


Its very exciting when you get two 50% off coupons from Micheals to use in one week ......LOL My art materials are expanding and I feel the need for more ,more ,more .It is a little like a strange addiction . What colour Copic markers do I want to buy this week ? , Do I really need another shade of blue acrylic paint ?.......... yeppers !!!! These are a few of the latest creations I have been working on . 
Painted for Jinda - Acrylic on Canvas

Dare to Dream - Copic Markers and water colours
Angel Wooden Box - Acrylic Paint

Friday, 11 November 2011


I have been very busy working in my journal lately , Experimenting with a variety of mediums . I am so excited to be apart of Doll Dreams as well as Willowing Journal for healing . I love, love, love it ... Here is some of latest creations