Saturday, 17 March 2012

Card Board Art

 So I decided to take yet another Art class Doll Dreams CardBoard Art. Our project is to create art on pieces of cardboard . We are going to make a cardboard folder to keep our art in and several Fun, Messy, Unique pictures on thats right..............Cardboard !!. So off I went into my messy garage in search of some materials. I found a perfect piece of cardboard that made my folder and several 5 x 7 pieces I was soon going to paint on. I got into the Groove and a Crazy art inspired moment possibly hypermania set in but whatever it was I couldn't stop, As my mess got bigger and my paint brushes were flowing I soon realized it was 3am. I was having so much fun and I was so inspired that it was worth all the mess and the tired morning .  

This is the front cover of the art folder and below is the back , a variety of mediums are used paints ,felts and collage materials 

Miss you
Dark Desire 

These are both a little different then the art I have generally been creating , I actually really enjoyed this process and I just might have to create a few more along this theme!

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  1. Nice Urban Art Miss Debbie...I also enjoy the joy of messy late night painting...what wonderful dreams during the sleep. Fingers crossed we Swap together or we can anyway...♥Debi