Monday, 2 January 2012

Life Book

Happy New Year .
I am so excited , the start of a new year and a new adventure . I am beginning my art journey in a new course called Life Book on Willowing (be sure to check out the link ) It is going to be an amazing year of self exploration as well as a mixed media art journey experience from over 14 talented artists. My first two assignments were to create a sacred box to keep all my pieces I create in . I just finished it today .It was so fun painting this box I know I will use it for all kinds of special keepsakes

This is a page in my art journal . Who is my goddess ? What are her positive qualities ? This was very challenging and much more difficult then I thought. It is very hard to find those words .The inner self talk seems to make it a struggle to come up with the positives but for some reason the negatives come easy 


  1. What a nice box! And lovely painting, too. I wonder why we all all so hard on ourselves?

  2. Your sacred box is gorgeous Debbie... and I love your art journal page... what a fun year 2012 is going to be :))

    Jenny x

  3. You are off to a positive start! Nicely done Willowing Friend. You forgot , kind, friendly and generous.....I am happy I found your artful spot and I will visit often...♥Debi

  4. loving that box! what a wonderful idea and a fabulous thing to begin the new year with! so happy you're enjoying life book! see you in class!

    xo, juliette