Sunday, 15 January 2012


I am always doodling ,often on important papers that really aren't meant to be doodled on . For those of you that doodle you know exactly what I mean . Once you have a pen in hand and see a paper its like a magnetic force you just start then suddenly relies  what you have done and its too late .You now have the most unique looking legal document the lawyer has ever seen, you think its a masterpiece while he thinks its a good thing they have another copy to sign .....

I started doodling while watching TV the other night. This masterpiece is in my moleskin  art journal .I used Prisma Color chisel tip markers in a variety of colors. This was a fun challenge I am very glad to have found this site  THE SKETCHBOOK CHALLENGE

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  1. Nice doodling.
    I'm not the doodling type at all, and the doodling I did for this month's Sketchbook Challenge is the first I've ever done. It was fun though.